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Pro17 uses a proprietary combination of human emotion indicators to forecast a predictable 17 day cycle for any stock or ETF.  Pro17 provides clear and concise recommendations for when the time is right to buy, sell, or stay neutral.

Q: How accurate are the pro17 forecasts?
A: If the stock is purchased or sold at the beginning of a 17 day cycle, the Pro17 forecasts have proven to be 90% accurate.  For trades made mid cycle,  the accuracy rate is between 70 to 90%. 

Q: How much does your service cost?
A: You can see our current pricing by clicking here

Q: Do you offer a free trial?
A: No but we make forecasts for the previous 17 day cycles available in the public portion of the site for you to view and compare them to your trading strategy so that you can see just how well the Pro17 forecasts would have improved your trading.

Q: How often do you update your forecasts?
A: The forecasts are updated every 17 trading days, which is equivalent to roughly every 3 calendar weeks.  If there is a dramatic event that will affect the forecast, we'll update the forecast in the interim.

Q: How do I trade the Pro17 forecasts?
A: Each forecast will provide the current trend, a projected outlook, and a recommended action. This information will enable you to optimize trading profits on each forecasted stock by knowing when to hold a long position, short position, or stay on the sidelines.

Q: When will I be re-billed?
A: On the anniversary of the date you joined, whether it be monthly or annually.

Q: How long have you been doing this? What is your track record and over what period of time?
A: For 15 years prior to the launch of Pro17.com in 2008, the Pro17 system had only been available to private investors and institutions. While we cannot disclose private client data, the pro17 forecasts have demonstrated 90% accuracy when the trade was made at or near the beginning of the forecasted 17 day cycle.  In October 2008, we made the Pro17 system available to the investing public.

Q: What methodologies do you use to produce your stock forecasts?
A: Well, that's our secret sauce.  The Pro17 system uses a proprietary combination of human emotion indicators to forecast a predictable 17 day cycle for any stock or ETF.  Using the Pro17 system, you will be able to break the typical investor pattern of buying high and selling low.

Q: How does your guarantee work?
A: If you use the Pro17 forecasts and don't make money within a 12 calendar month cycle, simply email us your stock statement within 30 days of the closing of that year, and you'll be compensated with the next years subscription at no charge.

Q: May I cancel at any time?
A: Yes, you may cancel at any time.  Your access to the forecasts will continue for 30 days from the date of your last payment.  To cancel, simply drop us a line via our online contact form, accessible via the “Contact Us” button at the top of every page.

Q: How exactly does this work? Let's say I'm looking at 10- 15 stocks. How many of those can I research a month?
A: If you'd like to request forecasts for specific stocks in addition to our weekly and monthly recommendations, you may go with a Gold membership which gives you forecasts for 5 stocks of your choice per month.  With the Platinum membership, you may request forecasts for up to 10 stocks per month.  All of our  forecasts are updated at the beginning of each stock's 17 trading day cycle.  So, if you request a stock at on the 14th day of its 17 day cycle, you will receive an updated forecast for that stock in about 3 to 4 trading days.  Additionally, if you would like to switch from one stock to another, you can halt updates to a particular stock prior to the next 17 cycle and request a forecast for a new stock.

Q: Do I have to select the stocks, and you recommend from my list?
A: Pro17 affords you the ability to know what the stocks you own or are thinking of buying are going to do over a 17 day trading period.  In addition to stocks that you ask Pro17 to analyze, as a member, you will have access to our sure trades of the month (usually 2 to 3), weekly market forecasts of the S&P 500, forecasts for the 5 most requested stocks by our collective members, and forecasts for stocks recommended by Jim Cramer on his daily Mad Money television show.

Q: How long does it take for you to analyze a stock?
A: Forecast requests submitted by 12PM PST are processed by the next business day.  Forecast requests submitted after 12PM PST are processed within 2 business days.  For an additional fee of $50 per month, requests by 12PM PST will be processed the same business day and requests posted after 12PM PST are processed within one business day.

Q: How does monthly analysis of a selected stock work?
A: The analysis of each stock you submit is updated every 17 trading days.  You may suspend the forecast for a particular stock so that you may receive a forecast for a new stock when the next update is due.

Q: If your proprietery system is so powerful, why do you need to sell opinions?
A: Using the Pro17 system, we have made tremendous returns and will continue to do so.  Sharing the Pro17 system with the public in no way diminishes our trading success so we make it available for individual investors to help them protect principle and maximize returns. 

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